Welcome to Modern Hire

Welcome to Modern Hire! We are excited to partner on the implementation of the Modern Hire platform. You will soon be assigned an experienced and dedicated Modern Hire team to assist you and set you up for success.  Prior to getting started, please review and complete the below items, which will help you and your team prepare for launching the project and will allow us to hit the ground running upon formal kickoff. 

Identify Project Roles

The Project Roles overview can be used to help you identify your core and extended project team. It is possible to have one individual serve in multiple roles. All project team members (outside of Executive Sponsor, Network Admin and Brand Advisor) should be available for regular stand-ups for the duration of the implementation, although time required on project will vary by role.


Technical Review and Network Testing

Provide your IT resource with a link to the Modern Hire Technical Specifications. After your IT resource completes their review, and makes any required changes, you should select 2-3 individuals to complete the following testing. Testers may include recruiters, hiring managers, and remote (VPN) users when applicable. Completing user compatibility testing will confirm users are able to access all the Modern Hire features and functionality.

The purpose of this review and testing is to ensure that access and usage of Modern Hire is providing the best experience to users on the corporate network. Completing user compatibility testing will confirm users are able to access all the Modern Hire features and functionality. If the network is not properly configured, you may run the risks of adoption by users: Any significant barriers to the technology will hinder ease of use and adoption, and cause frustration immediately to users.

This form takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and once the responses are captured, we ask that the results are saved and sent back to us for review.

Branding Guidelines

The Modern Hire platform is configured with default branding, communications, messaging, video content, and various resources to provide an exceptional candidate experience. This form is used to provide insight into the branding options available within the Modern Hire application. Please fill out all fields (if applicable) and provide any other branding-related materials needed for your application. 

Technical Services

The following technical services may be included as part of Modern Hire Subscription Services and SAAS Solutions in scope. Where applicable, please provide this information to your Technical SME ahead of project kickoff.


ATS Integration

In order to streamline workflows and automatically move data between systems, integrations are often leveraged between Modern Hire and most commonly Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  This document outlines pre-work to be accomplished by Modern Hire clients prior to beginning an integration project. 


What to Expect - Project Kickoff

Your Modern Hire Project Manager will reach out to schedule the virtual kickoff meeting. We ask that you invite everyone with a role on the project, as well as key stakeholders as needed. Topics include:

1. Team introductions, roles, and responsibilities
2. Introduction to Modern Hire
3. High-level solution overview
4. Review project plan and next steps